Charging with style.

Inspired by Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd's timeless masterpiece.
Unique transparent prism silhouette houses exquisite engineering.

Mighty Two-way Fast Charging.

Ultra-fast and efficient.
170W max output with PD 3.1 140W max single-port output.
140W max input gets recharged from 0%-50% within 20 mins.
Speed of future.

3-device Fast Charging at Once.

Packed with 2×USB-C and 1×USB-A ports, for 3-device fast charging at once.
Even when all ports are in use, you still get up to 65W fast charging from either one USB-C port.
Declutters your workspace and pumps up productivity.

And So Much more.

Water Resistance.

Surprise! Portable battery with IP4 water resistance. Water splashes is not a thing. Charge with better safety.


24,000mAh capacity for all-day energy. Eletric-vehicle-grade batteries for superb performance.

Smart Display.

Intuitive smart display for key information. Full visibility and control during charging.
Check out the power status with a peek.